Gud kanske finns ändå?

When you're looking for a someone
And then someone comes along
It never enters in your head
The thought that someone could be wrong

And they'll tell you that you're pretty
Put these thoughts inside your head
But you're never really special
You'll just realise you're average instead

And you try to wash away the crowd
Play your music far too loud
But everyone will just think that you're irritating, people-hating
Just another single-mother offshoot when you're not
This lip gloss feels all funny, man I wish that I was shot
Through the heart, with a dart
But I'm not, but I'm not, but I'm not

And the someone that you know and love
Is sleeping at your place
And there's something in his hair
And there's something on your face

And you look him in the eyes
And then he's sitting on your floor
And then you want to hold him close
But then he's walking out the door

And all the songs he played this morning
Were about people like me
Who he'd fallen for or slept with
Or had gotten drunk and slept with just like me

And I know I'm not that great
And there are things about you that I hate
And I know that I'm annoying too
But mostly when I think of you
I feel like I am someone who is irritating, people-hating
Just another drunken lover even if I'm not
Your hair is multicoloured and your eyes are all bloodshot
And I wish that I was special just like you
But I'm not, but I'm not


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